Saturday, 30 August 2014

Red dress

Dress - Choies | Bag - Topshop | Boots - Zara | Leather jacket - AllSaints


Again, another choies piece. This is deffo a dupe of For love & Lemons.
Anyways, there was a cream one I think but I thought the red really brightens up the room. 
 It also goes really well against the black and white patterned bag that I got from the Topshop sale a while ago. Was such a good find for £12 as well!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Mysterious child

Sweater - Choies | Shoes - Choies | Trousers - Topshop | Fedora - Missguided


Really fell in love with my neoprene sweater when I saw it on choies. I've also been making small orders through out the month and all have turned up on my door a couple of days ago so expect a choies haul video soon!

I got the shoes from Choies as well, these are the exact dupes for the Saint Laurent ones and I've been eyeing them up for a wile ever since I saw Nicole Richie pair them with everything. They are really good quality too and does have 'Saint Laurent Paris' on the bottom but the Saint Lauren was unfortunately rubbed off.

Thought I'd go for the dupes and not splurge on the real pair as I didn't know if I would wear them as much! Totes a good way to 'test' out a piece I think!

Let me know what you guys think of this outfit and if you have been eyeing anything up on choies at the moment!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

H&M Ambassador

So I wanted to tell you guys in a bit more of my collab with H&M in the last post. They have chosen me & three other lovelies to be their brand ambassador! This is totally crazy and I'm so grateful for this opportunity!  Thank you VICE for the reach out as well!

So expect 3 more styling posts with H&M over a short time and also the photos above were some promo photos we took for the Grey Girl collection which is already in store and online!
This was such a fun shoot too, I walked in not knowing what I had in store on that day and came out feeling so proud of myself and met some new lovely faces.

So let me know below if you guys have made a purchase from the collection already and which outfit you love most from above!

Casual university wear lookbook!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

'Gig goer' with H&M Grey Girl collection

So! Super exciting news, for this post I'm actually collaborating with H&M to bring you guys an outfit that is perfect to for attending a music event or gig!
These are my safe go to options as I don't dance around much or get involved with mosh pits. So here's the first one is for a really laid back atmosphere...



 The simple jeans an a tee look is really make fave for everything. It's easy to throw on and doesn't involve much. I've picked up this simple v neck tee from the Grey Girl collection. I love that the back is lower than the front as it gives it a twist on the casual t shirt. I've just also tucked mine into the super stretchy jeans as well to elongate my body as I'm quite tiny. This is also another reason why I opted for the boots, the heel isn't too high as well so it's super comfy to go out in and stand around.
I thought I would go for the jeans with a rip, as I've worn my black ripped jeans like a million times and they really do make the outfit just a little bit extra comfier.  I've rolled them up here as I'm petite but it kinda looks pretty rad!
Oh & of course, you gotta bring a small but decent sized side bag too, for your phone, gum and other essentials. This one below is my trusty H&M bag which is my best bargain yet to date!

 Next I threw on a leather jacket and I'm good to go! 



With this second outfit, again went for something super casual but my coat really stepped things up. I kept the white tee from the previous outfit and just added a leather skirt. Something about music & leather really go together. I've opted for boots this time but still with a platform so I don't have to stand on my tip toes all the time. If you wanted to wear platform heels, then go ahead! Just not down the fact that your feet might hate you after! I threw on this duster coat too with the fur collar. It reminds me of Miss Penny Lane. If you haven't seen 'Almost Famous' then...just go see it. You'll know what I mean. I guess this is kind of a darker version of her though. Which I think is perfect for a gig night and maybe head for drinks after!

Read on the H&M tumblr too!

What I'm wearing:
So the H&M pieces: White tee, leather skirt and skinnies are available now in stores and online!
Fur coat - Topshop
Platform boots - StoneFox
Buckle boots - Zara
Leather jacket - AllSaints

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Bank Holidayz

Coat - Topshop | Dress - ASOS | Boots - Zara | Fedora - Daisy street


Happy bank holidayz guys! Kick your feet up and relax! I opted for something comfy and pretty laid back for today. Again another ASOS dress! This one is super hugging and it kinda makes me look like I have a butt?! MAGIC!

I saw something similar in Zara a while ago but I just didn't pick it up for some reason. I'm glad though, this one is a good thickness for A/W and it fits me like a bloody glove!

I also just threw on myTopshop cuter coat, I thought the fur would add a little pop of colour. Oh & my bargain Zara boots!

Run into the sun

Dress - ASOS | Bag - Primark | Shoes - Choies | Fedora - ACCESSORYO


Once I saw this dress online on ASOS, I really just fell in love with the print and colour. Yes, COLOUR. I'm wearing a bit more colour at the moment and I have no idea why. 

My wardrobe is split into 2. Hence why I bought a rack and I still have a wardrobe.  One is for my neutrals, minimal and modern clean cut pieces and the other, pieces like this. A bit more bohemian mixed into it and vintage pieces. I love mixing the two together too, here I've just done that with the accessories. 
I didn't want a harsh colour bag so opted for this one where it was a neutral. 

I also went with the blue fedora to match the blue on the dress.
You never know, I might change later due to this unpredictable weather.

My new favourite outfit so far!

Dress - ASOS | Bag - Alexander Wang | Boots - ASOS | Fedora - Topman


This dress. Oh my. I think it's legit my favourite piece in my wardrobe atm. I'm really obsessed with it and din't want to take it off. This beauty right here is from ASOS ( Can you believe it?!) The quality of it and the design would have you fooled that it was from like Free People!
Definitely going to be wearing this beauty to my meeting next wednesday in London!