Saturday, 31 October 2015


Second Female coat | Topshop girlfriend jeans | Adidas sneakers | Givenchy bag | HOS top


When it's gloomy outside I always tend to wear all grey. You guys know I love mixing different shades and textures! I wanted to keep the outfit pretty casual but chic at the same time so opted for my girlfriend jeans, white sneakers, grey over coat and this textured grey top from House of Sunny!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Always a winner!


When I don't know what to wear, a leather jacket, white tee and black skinnies are always a go to. That's been me lately as I've been sick again and when I have to go out to do errands this is what I find myself wearing.

Also I've been obsessed with this bag lately. As I've mentioned before it's from Brunarosso and fits everything in perfectly! Such a cute staple piece. Thank you Brunarosso for this beauty! You can also get 15% off the site with my code 'PRETTYSICKLY' !

Photos taken on Panasonic Lumix LX100

Saturday, 24 October 2015

The minimal wishlist

Mad Hatters Afternoon tea!

Photos taken on Panasonic Lumix LX100

So when I got an email from Sanderson London asking if I wanted to pop down to try the mad hatters afternoon tea I jumped at the chance! I've only had afternoon tea twice before and was eager to try thisAlice in wonderland themed one! I bought my mum along as she has a week off work and it was such a nice treat for us both to catch up and have some girl time. 

We started off with some tea smelling! There were five specialised teas that were created for this afternoon tea and I went with the 'white rabbit' which has hints of the silver needle tea. It was no joke the best tea I've ever tasted. I'm a the girl and I've sampled pretty much every silver needle teas London has to offer and this one had no competition. My mum opted for the 'Alice', a blend of china black tea with mixed berries which smelled incredible! These teas are only available at the Sanderson so definitely head down and try for your self!

Our first course was some savoury goodness - in the form of mini finger sandwiches, scotch egg and a crab and herb eclair. My favourite from that is the cucumber sandwiches - they actually have cucumber in and was a unique take on the traditional ones you normally have. The flavours worked so well together with the soft cheese and you would be surprised how filling the savoury plate is! Next course was the tower of sweet treats. Filled with macaroons, red velvet cakes, scones, mushroom marshmallows and chocolate treats! We found ourselves tucking in straight away and was so impressed with how delicious everything tasted! There was even Alice's 'drink me' bottles filled with coconut milk, passionfruit and mango purée! Think those were mine and Mum's favourite dessert! We could drink those all day! 

This afternoon tea was really magical, I have never come across anything like this before and highly recommend this especially if you want to treat your mum or a loved one to something special! My mum was so happy with the afternoon tea that I think I'm going to have to take her back and bring my little sister along! Thank you so much Sanderson for treating us to an afternoon full of incredible treats! If you guys would like to book a table then click here!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


So 2 weeks back I had an opportunity to go to Disneyland Paris with a few of my fave bloggers! I jumped to the chance of course as I've never been to Disneyland before or even Paris for that matter! I literally never felt so grateful on a trip before and I was finally living my dream after 20 years! Read on to what we got up to!

Day 1
So we arrived at Disneyland Paris bang on in the middle via the Eurostar! I had no idea that you could arrive directly into the Disney Village and not have to change trains at all. It only took us less than 3 hours as well and that three hours was needed to catch up on my nap! When we reached our station (Marne-La-Villée) and dropped our bags off at the Disney express counter - where they will take your bags and drop them off at the hotel for you so you have more time at the park! Such a smart idea! We made our way to the hotel then checked into our rooms. We stayed at the Disneyland hotel and it couldn't of been more magical! It even smelled like candy! Even better, you could buy the Disney room fragrance to transform your home with a nostalgic atmosphere. To our surprise, our rooms were filled with ears, giant Mickey gloves, chocolates, champaign and more! I was so thankful and overwhelmed by the goodies and we hadn't gone into the park yet!

We finally made our way into the Disney park and headed straight to Discovery land for food. I had to try the Darth Vader burger which was made with black dyed buns! It was so good! I need to go back and try all the other burgers too. To be honest all the food I had there was incredible! So no complaints there! After a ride on space mountain and the Buzz lightyear later blast we then got into our allocated section to watch the parade. This guys, you really have to go and see for yourself. It was so magical that I was lost for words and got pretty emotional whilst watching everything. You really do relive your childhood dreams and imagination. Whilst your favourite Disney character is dancing around and singing you really couldn't help it but get so happy! I think my favourite was the Alice in Wonderland float!

After the parade, I quickly went to my room to freshen up and got ready to head to the fireworks show. I've never seen anything like that before so was so excited to see the show. We got to stood pretty close to the sleeping beauty tower as well which made everything incredible. Perfect little huddle to see everything. Standing right in the middle of the crowd full of families and even couples just made it more magical. Everyone singing along, dancing - it was Disney that bought us all together! Just that thought alone made me again (pretty) emotional! But of course in a good way! It's something that all of us grew up with or is still growing up with. And to always have that in common with another person is pretty unbreakable. The show of course, was intensely five stars. I loved how the animations were projected onto the castle and all the stories and songs they included. Not to mention how amazing the fire works were! I didn't expect it to be as big but the ending literally blew me away!

After the fireworks show, we then headed to eat at Inventions. A buffet style restaurant with all the food you could think of that tasted so good! Especially the greens and the lamb chop that I had! We dined with some characters too which was a bonus! Oh and don't forget dessert! I was pretty full but couldn't miss out on the chocolate moose! 

Day 2
So on our second day, we headed straight to the Walt Disney studios park! It's more movie based and had so many rides that I wanted to go on! We started off the morning with a kick! On the Hollywood Tower of Terror! I have been waiting to go on this ride ever since it opened and after patiently waiting, we got a chance to go on and was able to film our reactions! You can view it here in Leanne's vlog! Other rides we did was Ratatouille, Parachute drop, Crush's Coaster, Rock'n'Roller coaster! Finished off the day with a cocktail session at the Cafe Fantasia then dinner at the California Grill! Again, highly recommend both the places for food and drinks! 


Day 3
Our final day :( We headed to brunch then off to a little outlet shopping village (similar to Bicester Village) which was about 10 minutes away. I didn't find any goodies but the other girls did and I put my hands up in saying I was a bit of an instigator! So after we shopped, headed back to the park and went of a few more rides as our train didn't depart till the late afternoon! We went straight over to the Indiana Jones ride (wasn't my favourite - bashed my head way too much!) and Big Thunder mountain! Really loved that one as it lasted longer than I expected! 

I really couldn't be more happier that I went with these gorgeous girls, thank you so much The Blogger Program and Disneyland Paris for this amazing opportunity! I am so grateful for this! Disneyland really isn't just only for kids! It's for adults too! #disneyadults

For all info on booking your visit, then click here!
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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Givenchy Micro Lucrezia!


So my heart melted when my package from Brunarosso came! I am so speechless - thank you so so much for gifting me with this beautiful piece! I can't wait to style it in an outfit post soon so keep an eye out! I love how small it is but I can still fit in my camera, card holder, perfume, a few make up bits, my portable charger and keys! You can also get 15% off the site with code 'PRETTYSICKLY' :D

Monday, 12 October 2015

Quick pit stop

Missguided faux leather jacket | Topshop leggings | Choies boots (similar here) | David Bowie tee


So I quickly pop over to LA for 2 days for work and just remembered to at least captured my outfit for the flight back with some help from Natalie! I'm excited to be heading back next month for sure with Oli! 

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Breaking the barrier

Boohoo coat | ASOS knitted top | ASOS knitted culottes | Balenciaga trainers | Velvet backpack


Who ever said you can't pair navy and black has no idea what they are talking about. I think people are still skeptical about pairing the colours together but I personally love it. Especially when you have a super comfy knitted two piece and such a bold shape coat - why not pair it together?

Photos taken on Panasonic Lumix LX100